October 4, 2016

apple-picking + life


1. we all have cores. exercise them
2. don't skip the apples on the ground. that's where I found the best ones.
3. if you go to the orchard with brothers BE ON YOUR GUARD. there might be chewed up apple being spewed at you.
4. an apple a day ain't so bad really.
5. they say money can't buy happiness, but it does buy apples.

> These fall days have been full. Full of happiness and exploration. Full of planning and remembering. There has been a little bit of stress - (where the heck did my insurance card go? how are we going to replace the broken car window?), but obstacles are nothing compared to the daily joy of living and loving. This Thursday I am joining a women's Bible study. The small group meets at Adam Bros Coffee and discusses chapters from the book "Without Rival" by Lisa Bevere. I could not be more exciting about finally venturing into the community and making connections!

> Traveling has been a surfacing passion in our lives. Charlie and I are planning a weekend camping trip to Indiana Dune State Park where we can absorb some fall weather, live out of a tent and do some birding in the marshes. Also, this winter, we are traveling with some family to Costa Rica for two weeks! Charlie is taking a Spanish class this semester and I am relying on my "two years" of Spanish from high school. We are so stoked for some beaches, jungles and city markets.
This evening a new traveling opportunity was presented to us. Two wonderful women sat down with us to tell us about United World Missions and the Avance program in Mexico City. It was a lot of information to take in. I had a hard time containing my excitement, but at the same time I knew that a decision like this would take loads of prayer and thought. Next summer will be a pivotal time for me and Charlie and we want to seize it. We are feeling called to serve in some ministerial capacity somewhere, somehow. God will give us guidance - I am sure of that; we just need to open our hearts to Him.

> Otherwise, our lives have been filled with the ordinary, daily tasks that never end. Laundry, dishes, cooking, homework... They all serve a good purpose no matter how small the chore. And there is joy in good purpose.
Stay tuned for an update on our Indiana Adventures!!


  1. Your apple pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I am so longing to go to an orchard this fall.
    The missions trips and travels sound so exciting!

    1. thanks skyeler!! Your blog is lovely as well :) I am super pumped to do some traveling this year..

  2. These are such good photos! And those apples look delish. :D I really enjoyed reading your sweet post! Thanks for sharing. <3

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    The Inkpot Girl