September 1, 2016

hullo greenville

view from the back deck

The hardest part of moving to a different home is getting used to the sounds.
Instead of coyotes howling in the ravine, I hear trains blasting through the night. Rather than peaceful afternoon silence, there are children playing in the street and lawn mowers. Even our apartment has noises - creaky floors and whirring ceiling fans. It kind of reminds me of the Big House in Norton. All it needs is a Persian rug.
It is different.
But I am slowly falling in love with it. I am learning how to accept change.
Charlie's classes have started up so I spend most of my days job-searching, cooking and making daily trips to the library. Looking for work is tough - there are not many jobs here. Every once in a while I start stressing out about money even though I know I shouldn't. I'm learning to trust in God's provision.
The Carnegie Library is a lifesaver. I usually grab a travel book and settle down in an over-sized armchair. I find all the castles in England that are for sale and decide which one I would buy. Sometimes a village comes with the package, other times farmland. The castles that have ivy all over the walls are my favorite.
One day, on my way home from the library I stop by a promising book mart. There are quaint signs out front and lovely window displays; opening the heavy wooden door sets off a silver bell. Everything about it is delightful..... until I realize that their entire inventory consists of paperback romance novels. Disgusting.... I need to start my own bookstore and sell wholesome literature!
By evening time Charlie and I are both tired. Dinners usually consist of homemade artisan bread, and chicken soup. Or hamburgers. There's no shortage of food in our pantry so there's a lot of decision making that goes into each meal. We plop onto the floral couch with our food and talk about our separate days - what was good and who we ran into.
Last week Charlie bought Trivial Pursuit at the thrift store for a quarter. I think some of the cards are missing, but we don't mind. We'll stay up till midnight - my love and I - reading trivia questions by lamplight.
Life is good. It is hard sometimes, but Charlie and I are figuring it out by the grace of God.
We are loving, laughing and leaning into God's promise:
"I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye." - Psalm 32:8

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  1. Love this post and hearing everything you are learning and getting used to. Lots of big changes! And there is good perspective here. Your view from the back deck looks quite pleasant, hope we can visit someday! Clay and I have spent a lot of late nights with trivial pursuit (...and boggle...and silly youtube videos...) :) Those are good evenings. I will be praying for the job search. Enjoy all your new explorations!