January 26, 2015

Sunday drive

There have been a ton of changes in my life recently; not all have been good.
When Life is coming hard down on you, it becomes pretty difficult for you to think straight. You try to keep moving forward with work and school but things get more and more twisted.

After church yesterday, I made an impulsive decision (something I'm famous for) to take a Sunday drive in my jeep. I turned the radio on and some country music was playing. Right turn, left turn, around the corner. I had no idea where I was going, but it felt good -- just me and the music and a typical Missouri dirt road.
I wasn't running away, I was just sorting out my thoughts.

Small things started coming to my attention: a flock of turkeys in a field, two horses getting soaked in the rain, an abandoned barn. The pattern of rain on the windshield was calming, and I found myself admiring the colours of a wintery countryside.
This spontaneous Sunday drive had somehow cleared my mind and I was feeling rejuvenated -- ready to face the mess of 'normal' life again..

Sometimes we need to step away from everything.
Maybe that means traveling on a different road for a while before coming back, or maybe that means stopping and taking a deep breath before shouldering onwards. But it doesn't take much; a Sunday drive is more than plenty.

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  1. I like that kind of getting away too, and long walks can be good also (but not in the rain (-:) - Rick