July 23, 2012


Between pool parties, trips out of state, weddings, and a boat ride on the Missouri River, I regret to say that I have rather neglected my blog this past month.
Among all of these exciting things, I have recently added—to my hoard of instruments—a flute made by Gemeinhardt. I had been shopping for an Irish wooden flute to play traditional music on, but this one was more conveniently priced and will not only play different genres of music, but also in any key you like. So far, I can play all the major scales, the chromatic scale and one or two tunes, but I’m still trying to master the fingering and getting a good sound out of it.

Next thing on my shopping list: new pipe organ shoes.


  1. New organ shoes? How long have you played? I started about 6 years ago and now that you mention it, I could use some new organmasters! :)

    1. I've only been playing two years now, but I really enjoy it!!

    2. Excellent! It really is so much fun. Do you play at a church? And what got you into it? I love the power haha. So many questions lol, it's always great to find others who play, so few people do anymore...