October 12, 2016

the order of camping

Loading the car trunk with necessary items. Like tent poles, cast iron skillets and corn meal muffins. 

Going without shoes all weekend.

The assortment of thermos bottles, bird guides and canned beans scattered on the picnic table.

Spending the evening doing nothing else but journaling by the campfire.

Being able to call the outdoors "home".

Bundling up in leggings + two sweaters + woolen socks.

Bumping around in the dark with nothing more than a headlamp.


Reaching my toes into the cold corners of my sleeping bag - tucking the wool blanket under my chin to keep warm. 

Sun filtering through the you trees and waking me up with its gentle fingers. 

An Instagram worthy view out the tent door. 

Perpetually smelling like campfire smoke and hot chocolate. 

Running out of clean clothes and not giving a darn. 

Finding raccoon tracks on the hood of the car. 

Rolling up the tent for another day of adventures. 

Challenge + Reward. 

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