May 10, 2012


     It is pathetic that an inconsistent blogger such as I, should have changed her blog title twice in the last 6 months! Unfortunately, the first one (Kimblewick) just didn’t sound right, and the second (Country Girl) isn’t very original.
    And so because I was faced with this difficult situation of choosing a more permanent blog title, I decided to give it my dedicated attention. (I had nothing else to do since I was in bed with the chicken pox.) Hence the new blog title you now see: “landsflicka”.
     If you think about it (and happen to know one or two words in Swedish) you discover that “landsflicka” is really “country girl” in Swedish!  Switching the language turns a rather plain phrase into something distinguishable. Not to mention, the voice on Google translator makes it sound nice.
     And while I was making major changes to my blog, I added the picture of the Belgian horse you see up top. Dad actually got the picture in Mexico (not Sweden) but I liked it so much and the color of the barn matched my blog. Now I will try better to make all of this work worthwhile by improving the consistency and quality of my posts. (Ha!)


  1. Like your new blog name and picture. Hopefully you are feeling all better from the chickenpox now? I also enjoyed your Rolex post and pictures (altho I noticed the dressage rider has her eyes down and heels up!). :)

    1. Yes I know that the picture of the dressage rider was not a particularly good one! She also has a whip which counts towards elimination if you're in the show ring--but she was only warming up.