November 11, 2015

cedar creek

     It's been a typical Wednesday afternoon. I suggested that we go for a creek walk (despite the fact that there are tornado warnings all over the Midwest). Mom and Clara readily agreed, so we packed ourselves into my NEW Honda Civic (which needs a name asap) and headed down to Cedar Creek.

The sky was a "dense grey pavement of clouds" (Hawthorne) and the water was a chilly green. It couldn't have been a more perfect day for exploring.
Our first discovery was a dead gar fish. Those things look so prehistoric! Like something straight out of a children's dinosaur book. We looked for arrow heads -- without any luck, and Clara scaled the smooth wall of a bluff like a mountain goat. Also I fell in the water. (My camera was spared).

The thing about adventures is that you never know what's going to happen. Instead of worrying and avoiding risky situations, you have to adapt the mindset of embracing the unexpected.
Example: Falling into the creek was not planned and afterwards I was sloshing around in wet sneakers. Then, I climbed up the sandy banks to the woods: dirt, sand and burrs were all over me and I probably didn't smell all that great. Nevertheless, there were many miles to go and many more photos to take. (Plus I no longer had to worry about staying clean. Once a person falls in the water, they are less inclined to maintain their outward appearance.)

Every day can be an adventure if you choose.
It is a decision I have made and life is full and rich because of it.

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  1. Awesome, wish we could have gone with you!

    Rick Bennett