October 2, 2015


      An October morning is the best time to walk down the country road to the old schoolhouse and take pictures. I haven't had much practice doing photo shoots of people, so I bribed Clara with 20 dollars to pose in the chilly air as my model.
Mainly we spent a lot of time goofing off:
"Clara! it looks like you have a cough drop in your mouth!" "No it doesn't!" "Pretend you're a Victoria's Secret model." "How do I do that?"
*bursts of laughter and several blurry pictures later*
"Are we done yet?"
"One more picture and then we're done... Never mind.... one.... just one more..."
It was a blast and also my sister is pretty photogenic; I think it was a successful shoot. Plus we got this photo:
As an amateur photographer I have much to learn. My style is undefined, my strategies are untried, and my knowledge is limited. But I am slowly learning! With a little bit more practice and studying I shall soon be a world traveling photo journalist!

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  1. Very nice. My favorites are the one of her in the doorway (2nd from the top), and her standing behind the window frame looking out.