August 30, 2015


     Hooves churning up the dirt. Panting horses and creaking leather. Country music blaring on the speakers. Little boys running around in cowboy duds. Breathless anticipation, spirited determination. The 8 second buzzer.... 91 points! A collective cheer from the crowd -- whooping, hollering, whistling... The victor throws his hat in the air. Another championship won!

Why are rodeos so appealing? What is so intoxicating about the atmosphere of horses, dirt and cowboys? I think it is the honest competition, the grit and hard work thrown into good riding.
It's the old fashioned romance of courage and integrity.
It's the fellowship of horse-loving, God-fearing, salt-of-the-earth people.
It's the comfortable familiarity of dusty boots, worn jeans, and a good saddle.
Rodeos epitomize the culture of country life -- a lifestyle admired and envied for the charm and legend built up around it. As Zane Grey put it: "It's my ideal of livin'!"

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