August 6, 2015

pep talk

Sometimes life is hard. There are times when one must deal with a mile long to-do list, computers that go haywire just so they can laugh at your frustration, and overdue college papers no where near completion. Also absolutely nonresurrectable car batteries don't help either. In order to pull through, one needs a little pep talk. That's why I was dancing exuberantly in front of my mailbox this morning: MY PEP TALK HAD ARRIVED!!!
     Actually it was just an order of loose tea from the Tea Spot in Colorado, but it couldn't have been more appropriately timed. I immediately put water on to boil and tore into the package of goodness.

What I got:
Of course, because I couldn't find my tea strainer, I had to make do with paper towels and salad tongs, but it was worth the hard work. I've never had a more refreshing sip o' tea! And ohhhhh the smells that came wafting up from my precious tea tins! There are no suitable words to describe the balmy sweetness. You will just have to put in your own order to find out. I know that I will be shopping on the quite a bit in the near future :)

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