May 25, 2014

the traveling gene

 ~ road maps ~
~ too much luggage ~
~ city lights ~
~ traveling companions ~
~ cruisin' the highway ~
~ country music ~
~ roughin' it ~
~ naps in the car ~
~ unplanned adventures ~
~ meeting new people ~
~ taking thousands of pictures ~
~ impulsiveness ~
~ hotel breakfasts ~
I love to travel. It must be a gene I inherited from my grandfather who told countless stories of foreign places and traveled right up until his passing. There’s something about choosing a destination and working your way towards it that is both inspiring and thrilling. 
            That’s why I am sooo excited about my summer this year; I will be gone every single week until mid-July, seeing new things and living life to the fullest! My tightly packed schedule incudes a trip to Hillsdale, MI for a college visit, and 'educational' vacation to Mackinac Island, two weeks at summer camp (both as a camper and a counselor), a mission trip to Kansas City, two or three days for sleeping and washing laundry, a family reunion in Iowa, and pipe organ camp in Manhattan, KS. Whew!! If I add many more things to my list, I'll need to hire an agent.
            It’s not likely you’ll see much of me after that either, because I’ll be slaving away at college applications and planning my trip to France. But I’m not complaining (and trying not to feel overwhelmed) because I am utterly happy God has opened up all of these opportunities for me! How long ago was it that I was longing for some excitement in life? Well now I’ve got it and I’m going to enjoy every second of it!  
            Unfortunately, that means I won’t be blogging for quite some time, but when I get back, you will get an onslaught of news and pictures. Plus, my friend Olivia H. has agreed to write a guest post sometime in the near future. She is an excellent writer and one of the strongest people I know!—whatever she writes will be an inspiration to the soul.
So long! Farewell!

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