August 28, 2013

It’s a family tradition that we attend the Missouri State Fair every year, so last Sunday afternoon Dad loaded up the Chevy truck and took us to Sedalia. Upon arriving, we realized there wasn’t much going on except for the pig races every half hour and that didn’t hold as much appeal as it used to when we were little kids.

               We wandered around a bit until we came to the livestock barns. We saw cows and bulls of all sorts, sheep getting clipped, goats, pigs fighting each other, roosters screaming their waddles off, and even the champion goose! But my favorites were the giant mules. They were big lovable beasts and enjoyed it when I scratched them behind the ears.

In the swine barn there was a show for 4 year old kids to enter their pigs.

I got a kick out the cutest little boys wearing plaid shirts and wrangler jeans;)


The highlight of our day was a jousting event performed by Knights of Valor. It was pretty impressive to see guys in armor just ridin’ around on their PercheronsJ  Not to mention that the jousting was about as real as it could get. Lances were splintered to shreds, horses were frothing at the mouth, and the knight’s hands got all bloody. It was perfectly wonderfulJ


By the time we ate corndogs and visited the horticulture building it was DARK out and we hadn’t even been to the carnival! It was purely spectacular to see all of the lights flashing, and go people-watching during one of the most exciting people-watching opportunities everJ Dad let us ride on the Ferris Wheel—another family tradition.

From up top we had a bird’s eye view of the people beneath us. It was great fun even when Dad embarrassed us greatly by screaming ‘mommy’…….

It was an exhilarating experience to live the night life for a short while.


Yup. Can’t wait till next year!
Thank you Dad for taking usJ


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