July 26, 2014

"Missionary life is simply a chance to die."

This book. Is amazing.

            Do you know that jittery excited feeling you get when something you read is so impactful and full of truth?  That’s how you feel when you read this book by Elisabeth Elliot. The life story of Amy Carmichael is so beautifully captured in this book that it kind of takes your breath away. And not only is it a narrative of her missionary work—it is also a way to be prayerful about your own spiritual journey.
Amy’s entire life was a witness to God. She was not perfect—in fact she often had doubts or made mistakes, but she openly admitted them and constantly sought Truth and Righteousness.

“Give me the Love that leads the way
The Faith that nothing can dismay
The Hope no disappointments tire
The Passion that'll burn like fire
Let me not sink to be a clod
Make me Thy fuel, Flame of God”
― Amy Carmichael 

One person who knew Amy well said: “Miss Carmichael was a blessing to all who came into intimate and understanding contact with her radiant life.  She was the most Christ-like character I ever met, and her life was the most fragrant, the most joyfully sacrificial that I have ever known."
      Amy was also humble and faithful.  God used her servant nature to work for others and He used her deep faith to move and inspire. Miss Carmichael started the Dohnavur Fellowship in India (which is still alive today--you can see their website here), she wrote dozens of books, became the mother to hundreds of children, and devoted 53 years of her life to missionary work without furlough. 
In so many ways I wish I could be like her, but then I tell myself: 'Laurel, all you have to do is believe with the same fiery devotion and then let God work through you.' That's all Amy had; her Faith and her Savior. But she built up a legacy and touched countless lives with her contagious love and compassion.

“There have been times of late when I have had to hold on to one text with all my might: "It is required in stewards that a man may be found faithful." Praise God, it does not say "successful.”
― Amy Carmichael 

“to the glory of His name let me witness that in far away lands, in loneliness (deepest sometimes when it seems least so), in times of downheartedness and tiredness and sadness, always always He is near. He does comfort, if we let Him. Perhaps someone as weak and good-for-nothing as even I am may read this. Don't be afraid! Through all circumstances, outside, inside, He can keep me close.”
― Amy Carmichael 

In closing, I urge you to pick up her biography (or perhaps one of her own writings.) Then you’ll see for yourself what wonderful things God wrought through her life!  
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